Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taking Stock

I am a pretty risk averse person. Despite this fact, I actually own an online trading account. The account was set up by my employer, an online trading company, as a depository for shares purchased as part of the employee stock purchase plan.

If I was a smart women I would have paid attention and sold the stock when it was around $25/share. Now it languishes around $1.50. No matter, we are fortunate to not need the money right now and I know there are a lot of people really impacted by the stock market.

For those people, as a mother, I have stock picks.
  1. Purchase stock in paper goods companies. Do you know how many napkins and paper towels households with children go through in one day?
  2. Invest in those that sell diapers and wipes. AK is 8 months old and already likes pulling wipes out of the container by the handful. Just like her big sister before her.
  3. Buy in to General Mills. All kids love Cheerios. I thought LP was over them and then I started buying them for AK, now we go through at least a box a month. Most of them end up on the floor.

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