Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Idiocy

I called the day care center today to speak to the Director. AK is getting ready to transition and in the information they dispersed they tell us all about the differences between Infant II and Toddler I, but nothing about the differences between Infant I (where she is now) and Infant II. And I know there are significant changes - like they don't give the kids breakfast in class.

Unfortunately, the Director is out for the rest of the week. And no one else can help. Or even knows where the file is. Or the Director's email address.

One can only hope the Director is at a writing course, because the memo the entire center received today requires it. So much so that my friend and fellow day care mom Dianna called to implore me to post about it. Here goes:

In looking on [I am from Long Island, we say stand on line as opposed to in line, so maybe I am not the best person to make fun of her use of "on" here, but still] the holiday calendar for March, I noticed there was a mistake for the April [really? on the MARCH calendar?] Professional Day. It is scheduled for April 17, 2009, which is a Saturday [that's calendar says it is a Friday]. Our April professional day is always on Good Friday (to try to schedule around as many parents being off as possible).

Therefore, the April professional day is going to be on Friday, April 10th, not the 17th. Please make the notation necessary and I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation [I particularly like this compound sentence, joining two completely unrelated concepts].

I pay a lot of money for day care. Isn't it obvious by the caliber of the personnel?


Anonymous said...

Thank you AMY!!! Honestly, it is a little scary. At least our kids are happy and having a good time!


Stamford Talk said...

I feel bad for people who can't write. It makes me worry about their thought process. At least this memo was less offensive than the last one you analyzed!