Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Mouth

LP is talking up a storm these days. She remembers everything and repeats it in the correct context (although not always at the most appropriate of times). Some recent additions to her repertoire:
  • "Oh my goodness gracious!" She told me that her friend Addie taught her this one.
  • "Girls have tushies; Boys have peanuts." This little gem was shared during circle time at school. She went on to confirm for everyone that boys do not have tushies.
  • "Jesus Christ! I need new pants." At least we were alone in our home office when she yelled this out - she thought her pants were too tight.
  • "I am sad." Me: Why? "You hurt my feelings." How? "You pushed me." I then launched into a discussion about lying that totally went over her head.
  • "Baby is not listening to me. BABY DO YOU HEAR MY WORDS?!" Her poor poor baby dolls.
  • Yesterday when she refused to stay on her cot during nap time and Miss Shauna threatened to tell Mommy, she responded, "And tell Daddy. And AK." Fresh, fresh, fresh.
  • "I don't need a bath, I don't have a rash." You try convincing a two year old that these two things have nothing to do with one another.

Oh, and in addition to a big mouth, my little muffin has a big knot on her head. Apparently one of the teachers accidentally kicked her in the head during gym class the other day. The knot was never pretty, but yesterday her eyes got little smudges on the inside corners and look a little swollen. I still haven't exactly figured out exactly how this happened but it involved uneven bars and a dismount and LP sneaking up under the bars. According to the incident report they gave her ice and "LTC". I hope they mean TLC.


Robyn said...

How precious! I'm trying to get everyday conversations w/Bear on video so we'll always have a record of what he sounds like RIGHT NOW. They change so fast!

KiKi said...

Oh, my.... hahahahhaa!!! Well I guess you'd better get her some new pants, stat.

P.S. "Boys have peanuts." Good, Zeze's allergic. That'll keep her away.

Betsey Booms said...

This just made me laugh so hard. She is so funny.

To me.

Maybe not so much to you.

Anonymous said...

LTC -- lettuce, tomato cucumber, latctose tolerant cookies, little tushie cuddle...I hope she got TLC, too. I have to laugh at what Ez's "teachers" write about -- like sitting in the "table chair" (?), rhyming (I guess DaDa rhymes with Dada)and having a good time with his "friends."

Wenderina said...

maybe LSD? (oh and you never credited the pants comment - who was she repeating there? hmmm???)

A's Mom said...

"Baby do you hear my words?" Hahaha!

Thanks for the Friday laugh.