Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Practicality Over Protocol

There was a time, before I had children, when I practiced proper bathroom etiquette. If I entered the ladies room and a stall was occupied with a person quietly waiting for me to leave, I would go about my business quickly. Truncating my visit, if necessary, only to return when the room was vacated.

Nowadays, time in the loo is much more precious. I never know how long I have or when I will likely be able to return. More often than not, if I do not use the facilities before leaving work I am out of luck until both girls are in bed. Unless I plan on having an audience...who likes to inspect my undergarments and critique my technique.

In other words, I have no time for niceties and politeness. From what I understand, this is not part of the "bro code". Men don't really care about bathroom protocol unless it involves standing too close. Do they actually have it right?


Robyn said...

I am positive that people who don't work in an office have NO idea what you're talking about.

But, I know. Oh, how I know!

It's a sensitive situation, but if I'm sick or pregnant, protocol be DAMNED!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember those days, with you dear.

Betsey Booms said...

Oh, bathroom protocol.

Luckily, we have individual bathrooms in my office.

When we only had two it was rough. But now we have 4 so there is no waiting and there are no stalls.

And men just might have it right in this situation.

Enjoy the bathroom time.