Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Get This Potty Started

On Friday I had parent-teacher conferences for both girls.

AK is cute and starting to move a lot; that was basically her whole report.

Since LP is almost two and a half the teachers have a bit more to say about her. She is a great kid that is good about using her words and being independent when she wants to.

For example, when they get back from gym the first thing all the kids have to do is put their shoes and socks back on. At home, LP insists on doing this herself. At school she calls out "Help me!" I asked Miss Shauna why she thought this was. Turns out lunch is served after gym. The faster you get yourself together, the faster you can eat. Did I mention that she is wasting away? No? Well, she isn't.

As for using her words, I guess instead of asking another kid if she can play with the toy that they have, she just takes it. They want her to ask, "Are you done? No? Well, can I play with it when you are done?" Good luck with that folks!

She continues to do pretty well with potty training at school. At home she could care less. This weekend we created a potty chart and bought special stickers she could win when she used the potty. She was excited about it for all of two minutes. Then she realized that she could get free stickers - Savta (my mother-in-law) brought her a pack of stickers Friday night and Saturday she accompanied me to the bank and they gave her stickers. Sunday, the Hoos upped the ante and told her she could get her own ice cream cone Saturday night if she used the potty twice. She sat on the potty twice and I read her a million stories on the potty, but no ice cream was earned. At this point we will just wait until she is ready. Oh well.

Here is my big girl playing in the leaves. Notice that her black eyes are almost gone.


Stephanie said...

Just curious... those folks at the daycare? The ones who think LP should have a nice conversation with the other kids before she yanks the toy out of their hands? Do they know she's 2? Because I have NEVER seen a 2-year-old have that nice conversation... EVER. Do they possibly live in some alternate reality where toddlers are into sharing and gentility? Because I would love to go there someday.

Just curious. :)

Wenderina said...

Did they say if she ever commented, "Jesus Christ, help me with these shoes"? Wonder what kind of teacher comment that would get? Appropriate use of an expletive?