Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Full

I feel so full today.

I am full of excitement at the prospect of having an intellectual as president of the United States again.

I am full of pride that Americans overcame the history and negativity of racism and bigotry to elect an African-American president.

I am full of hope that the majority of voters in Connecticut decided not to use the state constitution to limit the rights of others.

I am full of energy since AK only woke up once last night - at 2.

I am full of love for my adorable children who make each day better than the last. Meaning, let's hope that today does not include any calls from day care (yesterday I got THREE).

I am full of adoration for LP who looked through the LL Bean Kids catalogue with the Hoos this morning and pointed out all of the shoes "Mommy is going to buy me." A girl after my own heart.


Anonymous said...

Your eloquence and ability to express what you (and so many others) are feeling astounds me.


Robyn said...

Here! Here!

In a snap, I'm proud to be living right where I am again. January 20th can't come soon enough!!!