Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes, Really

Yesterday after work, I had to take both girls to the pediatrician for shots. LP needed a flu shot and AK needed a make-up shot (HIB) that they were out of last week when we went for her 4-month appointment. I was a little concerned about how I was going to be able to comfort them both at the same time, but apparently I don't give my girls enough credit.

The nurse and I agreed that LP should go first because she was more likely to run away. I sat her on her lap, pulled up her sleeve and held on tight to her little hand. She watched the nurse approach with the needle and sat calmly while being stuck. When it was done she examined her Scooby-Doo Band Aid as I set her down. She made not a peep.

AK made a tiny whimper when the initial prick was made, but other than that, nothing.

I quietly turned to the nurse and asked, "How often does that happen?" I did not dare mention WHAT had happened. "With a two year old? Almost never."

As we left the doctor's office LP made a point to stop everyone we saw and tell them that she had a boo-boo and show off her Band Aid. I put the cell phone on speaker to report in to the Hoos about his strong daughters and LP called out from the back, "I got a shot. It was cool."

I swear.


Stephanie said...

Wow! Impressive...

We had three who did really well with shots (although not THAT well), and one that was a total freak of nature. We had to practically sit on him until he was almost eight.

You? Got the good end of the stick on this deal! :)

DaisyJo_Mom said...

I was there last night with both kids for Flu shots too! We must have just missed you. RJ went first to show his sister how brave he could be. He didn't cry and then LD went and just said OW! They got the same Scooby band-aids too! LD went home and told Dad about her shot. I wonder if the two of them are talking about it today?! Maybe keeping each other up from nap!

A's Mom said...

If only they were all like that!! Little Man screams bloody murder when he gets his shots and it takes him a good 5 minutes at least to calm down.

Gotta love boo-boo stickers! They make everything all better. :)

KiKi said...

REALLY??? How brave. I'm 32 and yet I still whimper during my flu shot.