Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can't Fight...

Progress. Yes, it is considered progress that I only had to get up at 12:30 and 3:30 last night.

Inertia. Last night as we drove home from day care we passed the Golden Arches. LP called out "McDonald's. I like McDonald's!". Mind you, she has only eaten there once in her entire life - when the power went out and I took her there for dinner to kill some time. I guess day care indoctrinates kids about the...value? benefits? joy?...of fast food.

Time. This weekend two of my best friends from high school, KVV and Miss M, are coming to visit. Of course, considering 14 years have passed since we graduated Connetquot (go T-Birds!) times have really changed. Instead of three single chicks, we will be partying hardy with three husbands and five children between us.

First Impressions. As I type this I am having an IM conversation with one of my colleagues, Lance. It started out with my expressing some concern for my cube neighbor. Lance responded that "this isn't like you...[expressing] sympathy and empathy." He went on to comment that "motherhood is making me soft" and "Perhaps your crusty exterior is fading and the Mom side of you is becoming dominant." I am finding it so odd that his perception of me and my perception of myself are so divergent.

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KiKi said...

Mickey D's will eternally have market appeal for all children, whether they've eaten there or not. Sometimes Zeze BEGS for fries and on the rare occasions that we cave in, she just holds them in a lap with a huge smile on her face. But she never eats the whole thing, even though the small size has what, about eleven fries?

Re: your so-called crusty exterior, I think Lance is way off the mark. Any woman stronger than June Cleaver is "hard-core" in his book. Nonetheless, I've seen you express empathy for quite a few people (sometimes undeserving). Just goes to show that he doesn't really know you.