Friday, October 10, 2008

Knick Nack PakNak

Last week I received word that I had won PakNaks from the WMAG Review blog. I had never heard of them before, but PakNaks are these adorable little vinyl creatures that you can use to customize your kids' lunchboxes and backbacks. I guess sort of like those doo-dads that people stick in the holes of their Crocs. But way cooler.

When they arrived in the mail earlier this week, I told LP that she had a letter. She loves getting mail (who doesn't? The "ping" of a new email message isn't quite the same as ripping open a package or envelope). When she saw the PakNaks she was really really psyched. Each creature has Velcro on the back and comes with the "opposite side" Velcro patch that you can attach to whatever you want to adorn. It took a lot of physical strength to restrain LP from decorating herself with the PakNaks. We ended up putting three (Manfred, Isaac, and Tabby) on her lunch box and one on AK's (Ralph).

LP told me that she couldn't wait to show Miss Louise. And the Hoos reported that she was passing around her lunch box at school the next morning to show all of her friends the animals.

Speaking of lunch boxes, today AK's lunch box contained a box of rice cereal! We gave her her first spoonfuls Wednesday night and I had to cut her off! I wanted to make sure it didn't have any adverse impacts before giving her a full feeding's worth. Of course, LP insisted on helping me feed AK despite the fact that she was didn't want to hold the spoon still long enough for AK to get the cereal off of it and refused to stand in AK's line of sight. Poor AK was confused by the spoon full of mushy cereal coming at her from behind and quickly disappearing.

Yesterday morning and last night AK almost finished the allotted servings of cereal. And her big sister said, "I'm so proud of you [AK]." Too cute.

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