Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wanna Be My Friend?

A few weeks ago I finally caught up to the 21st Century and joined Facebook. Having a blog and having signed on to Internet banking more than eight years ago, you would have thought I would have jumped on the bandwagon long ago. I think my reticence had to do with a description I had heard early on that it was "like MySpace for grown-ups." Isn't MySpace all about Internet pervs?

I am glad to say that so far I have not encountered any pervs on Facebook. At least not any that have been open about it. I have, instead, discovered friends from high school and college that I haven't talked to in years and years.

And, despite the fact that my own life has followed the "married with kids" path, I continue to be astonished that so many of my school chums are in the same boat. Lots of weddings, relocations and babies have occurred. Weren't we all so different in high school? How did we all end up the same? And oddly, why are such a large percentage of these folks speech pathologists? It is a great career, to be sure, I just didn't realize it was so popular.

Another strange thing about Facebook is that you are the recipient of friend requests from people that you weren't even friends with years ago. Even worse, you start doing the same thing! Maybe it is curiosity that forces you to ask for access to someone's profile and photos or maybe there is some popularity aspect to see how many friends you can rack up, but at the very least I try to limit my requests to folks that I remember.

Back up to the paragraph about everyone ending up in the same boat - I can't say that is exactly true. For instance, one woman that I went to camp with, that I was sure was going to be a trophy wife (she slept on satin sheets! At 10! At sleep away camp! In New Hampshire!) is or was Lindsay Lohan's assistant. And, no, I have not requested to be her friend. I accept that I am not that cool.


Tiffany said...

How do I find you on Facebook? You can find me with Tiffany Ziegenhorn O'Connell.

I just recently started using facebook as well. So far I have not devoted much time but I found a couple of friends from highschool. My husband (Mr. Popular - we would not have been friends in high school) has about 40 friends already and he signed up after me!

Lori said...

I saw her the other day in a photo on some gossip website - I don't read too many so it must have been something major - and she is looking haggard! Maybe if she'd been a trophy wife she could afford to have some decent work done. :)