Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Listen Up, Body!

Last evening poor little AK kept trying to nap but her big sister kept waking her up, despite her assurances, "I'm singing to [AK], mommy." Singing, harassing, it all depends on the music. Little AK was totally wiped out; so wiped out I decided not to force her through a bath. By 9 she was sound asleep.

And she slept until 4!!

This is really really awesome in case you couldn't tell from my exclamation points. Too bad my mammary glands were aching from engorgement so I couldn't really enjoy the fact that I was allowed to stay in the bed for seven straight hours (okay, six straight hours, I didn't go to bed until 10).

And, when I nursed her at 4 she finished quickly and went right back to bed!

If this happens again tonight I promise to take advantage of it and sleep like a log. Body, do you hear me?

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Tiffany said...

YEA!!!! If AK keeps it up the boobs will start to stop - does that make sense?? Lily is still a pretty bad sleeper but I am hoping for a change - let's just say I have seen some promise the last night or two but don't want to jenx it.