Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

First, I am psyched to say that I am spinning the wheels of my fabulous new car - a 2008 Honda CR-V. I am sad to say goodbye to "My Pretty Baby," my 2001 Ford Escape, but I am really excited for "My Trusty Steed". Yes, these really are the names I use to refer to my cars, my kids are probably thankful I didn't name them with adjectives.

Second, I am spinning my wheels in terms of getting AK to eat more but less frequently. She can go three hours between feedings during the day, but doesn't really want to. She will typically eat from one side and refuse more. It isn't a matter of keeping her awake, rather it is a matter of keeping her interested. Isn't four months too young to be distracted from eating? In general it doesn't really bother me, I will feed her whenever she is hungry and I am around, but it concerns me that I will have to send even more bottles to school. Now I am trying to send 4, 4 ounce bottles. This requires me pumping three times at work, before bed and, if needed, in the morning before going to work.

Last night I was really happy that both girls were asleep by 9:30. I was less happy when AK woke up at midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep until she ate. And the same thing happened at 2:30. At least at 5 she went back to sleep without eating...until waking up again at 6. How long are these growth spurt things supposed to last? Could she have just finished one (the night she slept from 1 until 7 had to indicate something) and started another?

Finally, I am spinning my wheels in terms of getting stuff done. With Rosh Hashana, while I wasn't at work, I certainly wasn't at home getting stuff done. The laundry baskets are over-flowing, the fridge is bordering on empty, and the house is not quite as neat as I might like. Both Monday and Tuesday we didn't get home until after 10, throwing everyone's cycles out of whack and causing even more items to add to the random detritus strewn about the house. Please Saturday, hurry up and get here!


Robyn said...

I feel you -- "losing" a day of being able to do stuff makes everything else snowball.

When Bear was AK's age, I had to send him to daycare w/4 bottles. He just ate a lot and I couldn't hold him off. If you try to hold her off, do it slowly, increasing the time only 10 or 15 minutes for a few days, working your way up.

Stephanie said...

So I'm totally jealous of the new wheels... the Honda sounds divine. I'm driving a 1998, so you've got a full 10 years on me!

I remember well the bottle-feeding days. It was tough to get into a schedule and then go through those growth spurt moments. But she'll be eating solids and sleeping through the night before you know it. :)

KiKi said...

... wheels that I still haven't seen. Or had a ride in yet. Ahem.