Monday, October 6, 2008

On Command

The other day as I followed LP's command to see the "Tubbies with the jumping part," it reminded me of days long ago; that is, the period of time prior to the creation of DVRs, or On Demand, or remote controls.

I remember vacillating between being psyched and pissed when I would turn on the TV whenever I felt like it and the show I wanted to see was or was not on. I knew nothing about a TV guide or television programming. Rather, I knew that I liked the Smurfs and when I would turn the TV on a Saturday morning they would appear, in a seemingly random fashion.

Nowadays, LP can pretty much see whatever she wants, whenever she wants. I'll bet that the creators of Teletubbies that they were really smart when they would repeat segments of the show that they thought would be popular by having the Tubbies shout, "Again! Again!". Seriously, it is ingenious. It would have been even more crucial if not for the DVR. Even so, after watching "the Bear part" of a different episode, a repeated segment, I still am asked to replay it several time so LP can get her fix of the stupid animated dancing bear. Yes, it pains me.

LP honestly doesn't watch much TV, save for the same DVR'd episodes of Teletubbies, Barney, Yo Gabba Gabba!, and The Big Comfy Couch. Which is really making me rethink the whole DVR thing. She may love seeing the same shows over and over, but I sure could use some variety in my television viewing (and no, I do not mean Rosie O'Donnell's new variety show).


Stephanie said...

I LOVED the smurfs. We must be kindred spirits! And I so agree on the TV deal. I was so thankful when my kiddos got older and wanted to watch different things. I think we watched Finding Nemo 6,543,295.4 times. I was OVER IT. :)

Wenderina said...

This made me think of the first year we vacationed with our friends and they had a 6 month old. She would watch the Baby Mozart video over and over and over again and would scream inconsolably (seemingly) if we turned it off. By the end of the third day, I thought Mozart was put on this earth to torture me. Kids can watch the same thing over and over again. Good training for life as an executive.