Friday, October 3, 2008


  1. How come I am the rude one when someone asks, "So are you going to have another baby to get your boy?" and I respond, "If we are going to have another child it is because we want another child, not because we want a boy."?
  2. When did LP become such a big girl? Yesterday when I entered her classroom with AK in the car seat, she told her little friends, "Back up guys," while waving them away to give me some room to put AK down. And, according to the Hoos, she now also walks to the fridge in AK's classroom, opens it, removes AK's bottles from her lunch box and puts them in the appropriate bin in the fridge. She then closes the fridge and returns the empty lunch box to the tote bag under AK's crib.
  3. How did I become used to subsisting on less then 6 hours of sleep? Last night AK did okay, but because of the cooler temperatures and her refusal to be covered in real blankets (preferring receiving blanks instead) LP woke up a few times and we had to go in and cover her.
  4. When did an answer about energy become a response to a question about the economy?


Tiffany said...

I alwasy tell people when have 2 girls and we are DONE! That way they know not to ask if we are going to try for a boy. No more for us.

It is amazing how you get use to 6 hours of sleep but it is also amazing how once the little one starts sleeping through the night how quickly your boby wants and craves those 8 hours and when you don't get it you feel horrible.

Stamford Talk said...

How come I am the rude one when someone asks, "So are you going to have another baby to get your boy?"

Oh dear. People are just so curious and baby-obsessed, they don't know how offensive and annoying it is to suggest you'll go through all that bother just bc you want a baby of a certain sex. I really don't know what the proper response to that is except, "None of your beeswax." Actually, I think the answer you give is great. I'm gonna steal it if I ever need to. Hell, be rude. People need to learn to keep their traps shut about other people's pregnancies.

Wenderina said...

Ok, so you had two mommy responses so I feel totally justified in answering the Palin response. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. is a question about the economy supposed to answered with information about energy. Crazy bitch.

KiKi said...

1) You mean people still ask that? Come on....

2) She's all growed up!

3) During the debate, Zeze looked up from her coloring book and asked, "Mommy why does that lady keep saying energy?"