Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Great Milk Shake-Up

My travel to Phoenix is officially back on. And now I am finally starting to think about what this means for me, LP, and the husband (the hoos). Here are some things I have discovered:
  1. You can't carry breast milk on a plane unless you have an infant. So much for my idea of pumping and bringing it back with me.
  2. It is impossible to carry-on a laptop, a pump, and a suitcase.
  3. I have no idea how to use a hand pump.
  4. Most of my concerns have to do with nursing - should I introduce formula?
I hate the idea that traveling for work would force me to compromise LP's 100% breast milk liquid diet. Do other nursing moms wait until babies are weaned to travel without them? How bizarre that this is my biggest concern. Of course, I am absolutely not worried that LP will starve, or drive the hoos crazy; they both will survive and he is her daddy after all.

I used to love to travel for work. I got to see interesting place, try new food, and return home in short order. Sleeping away from home no longer means getting to sleep in the middle of the bed and take an extra long shower...It means I have to pump morning, noon and night before I go to make sure there is plenty of milk available for my little muffin while I am stinky is that?

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