Monday, December 14, 2009

On My Own

Today I spent the day home with both my daughters. I love them, but it was a long day.

AK is usually home with me on Mondays and Fridays, plus she has a recently diagnosed ear infection that gave her an awesome fever and restless night (yay! Mommy, Daddy and AK awake from 1:30 until 3); LP has a cold, a day away from gaining and sharing germs was determined to be a good thing.

LP staying home was a last minute decision. A decision made while AK was still sleeping - she slept until 9:15. Once awake, she was jazzed to be able to spend the day tormenting and being tormented by her big sister.

I tried to get them to nap, I really did, but it wasn't happening. At 1:30 LP burst into tears, "I want to go to be-ee-ee-ddd!" I was down with that. What I wasn't down with was sitting in her room for 20 minutes while she fell asleep. I couldn't. Not with AK on the loose. And bringing AK into LP's room wasn't an option if a nap was going to happen. And since AK slept late, she wasn't about to accept being deposited in her crib while I tended to her big sister. And no one can fall asleep with an 18-month old howling bloody murder in the room next door.

So...naps didn't happen.

What did happen?

  • Lots of eating. Maybe some kids lose their appetites when they are sick, not mine. They ate pretty much non-stop.
  • Projects. But unhappy ones. LP wanted to paint and couldn't because than AK would want to paint and we can't have any of that. AK wanted Play Dough - to eat.
    Television. Sometimes. When they could agree on a show. Which was about an hour out of the entire day.
  • Dropping. LP fell asleep on the couch at 6:15 while I prepped their dinner. I got her up around 6:45 - with a lot of hard work. Even AK repeatedly pointing to LP's nose, saying "Boogies" and attempting to wipe LP's nose couldn't rouse her.
  • Creativity. Both on my part - coming up with projects is hard work! and on LP's part. She had lots of inventions - see below.
  • Mess making. OH MY GOODNESS. My house was hit by a bomb.

Some photos

Top: Playing the drums. It was LP's idea to use yarn to attach her drum to her waist

2nd: Icing cookies. Don't worry no one else is going to eat them We used store-bought cookies and chucked the tubes o' frosting. Mostly because they stopped decorating and starting mainlining sugar right from the tubes.
3rd: AK trying on her rainboots for the first (and likely only) time. I think she was inspired by LP's Chanukah gift of an umbrella.
4th: LP "egg cracker". She made it from a Super Grover lego kit and named it herself. Odd, because she doesn't even really like eggs.


Wenderina said...

I don't believe the day was horrible - your pictures are too happy.

Wenderina said...

I don't believe the day was horrible - your pictures are too happy.