Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Celebrating Diversity (and the Holidays)

Next week LP's class is having a cultural diversity luncheon. Since at our day care center you can't call holidays by their real names (instead of a Halloween parade, they had a Storybook parade and had to carry a book that portrayed their "character," Valentines Day is "Friendship Day) this is its way of celebrating the holiday season.

Every family is supposed to bring in a dish that represents their culture. One child is Latino, his mom is bringing empanadas (yum); another family is bringing in Irish soda bread. I am struggling. My grandfather was German and both the Hoos and I have English and Russian ancestors, and probably Polish too, but I can't say that we regularly eat any foods that might represent these backgrounds. We are Jewish, but is that "our culture"? What am I supposed to bring in? Latkes? Matzoh ball soup? If I really wanted to be sure that LP would eat whatever I send in, I would send in bagels. Oy!

On another note, holidays mean teacher gifts. Fortunately, in LP's class I know a lot of the parents and we are all going in on gift cards. The more that participate, the more cost effective and the less likely I am to appear cheap. Which brings me to AK's class. I don't really know any other parents on her side of the classroom. I want to get them something nice, but I don't really want to spend $20+ per teacher to accomplish this. What to get? Last year I got insulated lunch bags with their name's embroidered on them. Not sure how well that was received (I only got one thank you note). Insights?


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Hey! I was thinking of bringing in bagels! Then I figured I should bring in dessert, since that is my expertise! But I don't think the kids will eat Rugulah?

I have found that the teachers really appreciate the home baked goods, so if you want to do something that isn't too expensive as a gift you could bake something & then just package it nicely.. maybe add a $5 or $10 D&D card to go with it? That's what I did for Syd's "after-care" teachers last year, I made Biscotti & put it in a mug & added a $5 gift card from Starbucks.


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