Friday, December 4, 2009

Natural Born Cynic

We were driving to Stew's this afternoon, discussing their Santa Claus.

"Mommy, Santa sees us all the time."

Immediately Santa Clause is Coming to Town springs in to my head: He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake. I am not really sure where LP would have heard this song, so I ask her to elaborate.

"We are at the store all the time, so he sees us there."

Later as we exit Stew's avoiding the Santa, LP starts freaking out a bit. I start to say, "He is just a man in a costume," the same way we explain Clover, the Stew's cow. But I have to stop myself, realizing that that could be ruining the Santa myth for kids around me. Oops.

Blog-readers, how do parents explain the fact that there is a Santa on every corner? Same guy? A representative? Just another guy pretending to be Santa? Are they all the real deal?


3XMom said...

my kids tell me they are Santa's helper - Santa is busy in the North Pole making presents

Anonymous said...
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