Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Maybe Not

It is no secret that the Hoos would love a pet. He would settle for a reptile, but he has a soft spot for dogs (especially those that know how to clean up after themselves). AK would love it. I think any puppy that licked her on the nose might get its nose licked back. Alas, it is also no secret that LP might not be as keen of the idea.

Someone at the Hoos' office is adopting out black lab puppies. He emailed me pictures last night of the little rascals in their newspaper lined crate that I shared with LP. "Mommy, are those puppies going to grow?" I let her know that indeed the puppies would not stay small forever. Her response? "I don't want a dog that will grow. I want a kitty." Unfortunately, a cat is not an option because a.) I am not a cat person and b.) the Hoos is allergic.

When LP called the Hoos to let him know where she stood, she let it rip, "Daddy, I don't want a dog. But I would like a video of the doggies peeing on the paper."

I do not know where she gets these things. Really.

On a related note, we are supposed to go to a friends house for dinner this coming weekend. It is one of LP's best friends and she is very excited, except...

"Mommy, MK has a dog. I don't like him." I remind her that they will put the poor pup in a bedroom so he won't be in the way. "But what if I have to pee or wash my hands?" I told her that the bathroom is not in the bedroom and she should be okay, but I am not sure she believes me. We don't have a bathroom in our bedroom, so I am not really sure why she has this idea, but regardless, you can tell that she is fixated...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dog reminder! Finn will be out of the way ;)