Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Brink

Now that Christmas is over, things are settling back down. LP will finally return to Stew's in the daytime, now that Santa Claus has moved back on to the North Pole. So, of course, we have started focusing on the next holiday - New Years!

The Hoos and I have been struggling to explain the concept of the New Year to LP. "Well, right now it is 2009 and on Friday it will be 2010." Her blank stare and questioning shrug pretty much say, "So what?"

My new tack is to tell her all of the things that will happen in 2010. For example, "You know what happens in the New Year? You turn 4!" This she gets. "Yay! I will be four! And then the next year I will be five and then I will go to kindergarten!"

Then I get nauseous. Seriously, kid, hold your horses. You turn four in MAY. And you don't start kindergarten until September of 2011. Then I think, oh. my. goodness. How is it even possible that kindergarten is that close!! This is my baby. Okay, not my baby, my big girl. But she isn't big. She is three and a half. Deep breaths, deep breaths. She is three and a half. And nothing is going to change come Friday, January 1, 2010...

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Anonymous said...

September 2011 - I can't even say the words! Can't they stay 3.5 forever?!
Happy New Year!