Monday, December 21, 2009

I Learned it by Watching YOU, Dad!

Remember those Public Service Announcements? Am I dating myself?

I really think that nature and nurture strike a delicate balance in our house.

As is typical of a Monday morning, no one in our house wanted to get out of bed. Over the weekend, LP arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at my bedside around 7:15. Today, not so much. It is like she has already joined the working world of people that dread Monday.

The Hoos snoozed for at least half an hour, finally getting up way closer to 8 than he should have. The ladies also slept in, both of them waking close to 8:30. Fortunately, day care had a two-hour delayed opening, so we didn't really need to rush. But if it had been a "normal" Monday - it would have been a real bummer.

AK loves the snow. Both girls are really enjoying the new sled they got on the last night of Chanukah (good timing, eh?). AK loves the snow so much that she refuses to keep her gloves on. All she wants to do is pick it up and eat it. Which is okay for nice, clean snow. Not so much for the snow that accumulates on the bottom of her shoes. This is NOT learned behavior.

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