Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Old Enough, Young Enough

The Hoos and I are avid watchers of a few television shows. We enjoy Lost, Glee, Psych, How I Met Your Mother and a handful of others every week. Then there are"filler shows," those that we have set up on the DVR to watch when our regularly scheduled shows are on hiatus. Monk is one of those shows (so is CSI Miami, but we watch that more for comic relief).

I realize that the viewing audience of Monk tends to skew "mature," so while I might be immature, I guess I am getting OLD. Oh, and we have stopped DVR'ing Miami because, well, Men of a Certain Age is on at the same time. Have I mentioned that I am OLD?

Anyway, we have been catching up on the final season of Monk and last night we finally caught up. We watched Part I of the two part finale. And then realized that either the DVR didn't tape, or we had accidentally deleted, the series finale.

Fortunately, I am young enough to have heard of this thing that all the kids use to watch TV - Hulu. You can watch most already aired television shows for free - with minimal commercials (maybe 3-4 15-second commercials scattered throughout). Even better, I had my laptop at home. So, while the Hoos got ready for bed, I tracked down the missing show and got it set up on the laptop. We hunkered down into bed and snuggled up with my computer to catch up.

This is the first time I have watched a television show on my laptop. Well, if you don't count watching Dr. Horrible, which was more of a mini-Internet-only TV show with the double awesomeness of Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion (who is in Castle, the other show that I watch at 10 on Mondays, ergo, the bumping of Miami). Regardless, I don't plan on making a habit of it. But it is nice to have a back-up plan...and two hoodlums to keep me young.

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nallman said...

Love AK's gangsta chic style! :)