Monday, December 7, 2009

We Have Arrived

Yay! I finally feel like we are established here in Norwalk and have a great group of local friends that have kids, similar interests, and hectic lives. It is really nice.

Several weeks ago we hosted a few families at our house. Our house isn't big, but we can squeeze everyone in and sometimes I think people are just glad to have a place to go and things to do and not have to cook and clean, so hopefully they overlook the cozy nature of the situation.

Last night another family invited us over. The same poor family that met us at a diner with their two kids and our two kids resulting in crazy noise and chaos. I am amazed they still talk to us. After last night it may be a different story.

First, their poor dog had to be locked in a bedroom, far away from LP. Poor Finn. When we left and they let him out, he knew it was because of us and he chased me to the car.

Everything started off very nicely with all of the kids (4 3-year olds; 4 1-year olds) playing nicely together. What ensued from there included a bloody nose (not one of our kids, but very likely as a result of one of our kids pushing her way out of a door), a general mess, and eventually a crying child (AK sincerely believes that every baby doll she encounters should be hers as a general rule - tears happen when you try to remind her otherwise).

This doesn't even count the booster chair that AK dragged all over the house and out from behind several of the kids that were her size. Or LP wrestling (she called it hugging) their poor, adorable, sweet as pie, 1-year old on our way out.

We only met our friends through our kids. And quite possibly our kids will get us dis-invited.


Anonymous said...

awwwww! we love you guys!

nallman said...

You also forgot the baby spit up all over your coat:). We will miss you all so much!