Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Full Moon Fever

Ever notice how the noise and chaos in your home reaches new heights when the moon is full? It is real? Is it imagined?

Last night LP was in rare form. Refusing to get into the bath, running sans-clothes around the house; refusing to get into bed; intermittently crying and yelling; getting out of bed and leaving her room well past her bedtime. UGH.

When I would ask what was wrong? "My legs hurt," indicated the areas behind her knee. Trying to get more specific she would say, "I am veined." WHAT? 1.) It doesn't make any sense and 2.) I don't know how she knows anything about veins.

Later on while I was sitting in the chair in her bedroom while she whined from the bed she told me she didn't feel well. This time, "My whole body hurts." Again, as I pressed her for more details, "It feels cracked." Again, totally a bizarre response. My confusion remained. I blame the full moon.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a growth spurt? Full moon definitely doesn't help.


Stamford Talk said...

I was gonna say, growing pains?
Hope she isn't coming down with something.

Must be the full moon- my 8 mo fussed from evening til 1am, then slept until 7am with like, 3 or 4 wakeups. It's either his ears, or teething IS as bad as I've heard!

He's fussing again now as I'm wearing him and drinking coffee. Well, I guess motherhood can't be all fun and games.... will call ped soon.

A's Mom said...

I know BBZ was up every other hour that night. I blame the full moon too.