Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A New Person

Have I mentioned lately what a sweetheart my AK is? Aside from the random and incredibly loud shrieks she emits on occasion, she really is a lovely little muffin. And she is truly becoming a little individual, far from the baby she was a year ago.
  • She has named her pacifier "Buhbee." She will ask me for it, especially if she sees one on the counter.
  • If she has a buhbee in her mouth and wants something else - usually food, she will throw the paci to the floor to make room for the new item.

  • She knows that she is not supposed to have her pacifier outside of her crib; if the Hoos or I bring her into our bed in the morning and we let her keep her paci in hopes of getting more rest it will only work for a short period of time. Eventually she will slide out of our bed, run to her room, put the pacifier into her crib through the slats and run back yelling "breakfast!"

  • She has started singing my name to get my attention. It sort of sounds like Tarzan "Maaaa-aaaa-meeee!"

I'll keep her.

Top: AK now (18 mos.) and at 6 mos. Bottom: For comparison purposes LP at 18 mos. - in the same PJs no less!

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