Saturday, November 28, 2009

27.5 Hours and Counting

It has been almost 30 hours since the Hoos and I saw the girls - very strange!

Last Chanukah my in-laws gave us a gift certificate for a resort in Westchester. It had a 12-month time limit, so we finally used it last night. We dropped the girls (and my car) off a little before noon yesterday. Our first stop was Target to do some holiday shopping followed by a bit more local shopping and lunch out (for those interested we checked out the Fairfield branch of Garden Catering - the chicken nuggets and cones were very good - and kept us pretty full most of the day). We then made a quick stop at home and headed down to Purchase, NY.

After checking in we did (surprise!) more shopping. I am actually really excited about our stop at ToysRUs in White Plains. THEY HAD A TELETUBBY DOLL! I almost cried when I saw it (an aside - I had to throw out the freecycled ones- they definitely needed to go in the washer, but since they had electronic parts and can "talk" it wasn't feasible). I grabbed it and ran over to an employee to ask where I could find more. She looked at my incredulously, "We don't carry those anymore. It must be on clearance...or a return...or something." Bummer.

Since we had such a big lunch, the Hoos and I didn't go out to dinner until 8. Really very late for us. We went to an excellent Italian Restaurant, Il Sogno, in Port Chester where we ate much food. They even gave the Hoos some biscotti for the road.

With full bellies, we needed time to digest and headed to a 9:30 movie. This is unheard of. I usually won't even start watching an hour long show from the DVR after 9:15. We saw Pirate Radio. It was really enjoyable. Funny, different, interesting - highly recommended. All-in-all, a great date night.

Today after a big breakfast (do you sense a food theme here?) we headed home to take advantage of the girls still being at my in-laws. We went grocery shopping together, the Hoos did some work around the house, I walked to Stew's, made turkey soup and biscotti, and did two loads of laundry. Not the most exciting day, but a guilt-free day where I didn't have to worry about having little kids underfoot.

We are going to pick them up soon. Which is good. Because they are cute, and I do miss them. Next year - two nights!

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