Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Hate Being Right

When I picked my little ladies up from school yesterday, everything seemed normal. LP was riffling through my pocketbook trying to find her gum, AK was smiling because she found a paci on her car seat (she can only have it in the car and the crib - and little does she know that is only for another few weeks), then we got home.

And my little AK was a disaster. Cranky, whiny, clingy...and I knew. Coupled with her week-long runny nose, this could only mean one thing. Yet another ear infection. After the Hoos got home and I scarfed down dinner, at 7:30 I packed AK up and whisked her off to the pediatrician's office where my fears were confirmed.

I HATE going to the pediatrician's office. Especially during flu season. When they have masks in the hallway for anyone suspected of having the flu. When I have a 17-month old that does not stop moving or touching things. And this is just the beginning of cold and flu (and ear infection) season.

I was planning on waiting until AK's 18-month check up in early December to broach the topic of tubes with AK's doctor. Despite the fact that she is pretty verbal, I can't help but feel that her monthly ear infections are impacting her quality of life. I know they are impacting mine. Sigh....

This doesn't fit in this post, but I wanted to capture for posterity a random compliment I received on Monday. After picking the girls up from school we went to drop stuff in the car before going to the playground. As I approached my car I heard chatter from above. Looking up there was a large gentleman standing on the roof of the day care center, repairing the roof. "Those are the prettiest eyes I have ever seen." I turned to AK, who I was carrying, "That's you sweetie, say thank you." The roofer corrected me, "I meant her mama." NICE.


nallman said...

You go girl! Hot mama! Don't you love that compliments are now the sweetest thing (regardless of source), where as they used to almost be embarrassing!

Poor AK, that is a big bummer. I hope she is starting to feel better. I am looking forward to IA's tubes tomorrow. Some relief for all!

Tiffany said...

You go girl!!! Compliments are ALWAYS nice!