Monday, November 16, 2009

A Wild Rumpus

The Bat Mitzvah Saturday was fabulous. My niece rocked her haftorah (the longest possible), torah readings and other requirements. LP and AK both stayed in the sanctuary for two hours - including all of the most important parts, which was awesome. They were really wonderfully behaved.

The luncheon was great, full of family and friends. LP had a particularly good time, playing with M's friends and some second cousins in from NJ. She and AK both ran around like crazy kids and we were sure they would both crash and take nice long naps. Which would have been good, because later that night was part II of the celebration, a party for M and her friends.

AK napped for almost three hours. LP, exhausted and cranky, fought it the whole way. We were really worried for how she would hold up at the party - which was slated from 7-10. We had already anticipated leaving early, but with LP not napping, we thought it would be a really early night. Instead, LP rallied. And by rallied, I mean partied like a rockstar. The girl has some moves! She was great. In fact, both LP and AK were still awake when we rolled into our driveway at 11.


Wenderina said...

never underestimate the power of party adrenaline.

Anonymous said...

Send some of that energy here!gg