Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life Changes

My eldest niece, the Divine Miss M, celebrated her 13th birthday yesterday. The top picture is M with her younger brother, O, at my wedding. The bottom photo is the one that accompanied her Bat Mitzvah invitation.

Seven years ago, when the first picture was taken, O was M's only brother; they have since been joined by the rambunctious and irreplaceable Y (now 6). And my two girls have also joined the family.

Back then I was called "Amy"...who am I kidding, they still call me Amy, although they also refer to the Hoos by his first name as well, and he has been their uncle the whole time. The only consolation is that in conversation with others they might refer to me as their Aunt...maybe.

Seven years ago I had a special dress picked out for the celebration, for M's special day I haven't had time to buy anything new. Well, I have tried to run out during my lunch break a few times, but have come up empty. The few dresses that I like the fit of are drab colors. At this point I am trying to find a new bright shirt to wear under a suit from my closet, but I am struggling to find one that doesn't make me look even older than I feel.

Everyone is very excited for M's Bat Mitzvah. My brother-in-law and his family (M's other uncle) arrived from Hungary last night. My girls have new dresses, the Hoos has his Torah reading down pat, and LP has been working on hers. Okay, LP doesn't really have a Torah reading at the Bat Mitzvah, but she thinks that she does and she walks around saying prayers in Hebrew in preparation. Crazy cute.

I feel really lucky. I had an awesome family to begin with and I married into a family that has welcomed me warmly. I have the best of all worlds and I am so proud of M and all of my nieces and nephews (all seven of them!) and wouldn't mind a bit if they slowed down growing up just a wee bit so Aunt Amy can catch up.

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