Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Another Day

I know that there are people out there (all two of you) that are just itching for new and exciting postings. I am sorry to disappoint, really, there just isn't too much happening. Or at least nothing that I can write succinctly about. Here are some snippets of life in our house over the past week or so.

Last night both girls picked out a piece of Halloween candy from the basket to have as dessert. LP chose Whoppers (three malt balls) and I gave AK a Kit-Kat. While they chowed down, I left the room to get paper towels to clean them off and shortly thereafter I heard a little squeak from AK and called out, "What's going on in there?" LP's response, "I'm just sharing AK's candy." Nice.

A bit later LP called my parents and said to my dad, "Guess who likes chocolate? Me and [AK]!" Shocking.

My grandmother sent the girls Halloween cards, one of which "sings" the Hampster Dance (they use the 'P', I know that isn't how you spell it!). AK LOVES it. She gets so disappointed when the music stops and hasn't quite figured out how to get it to restart.

AK has started shrieking to get our attention. It is awful. To make matters worse, LP mocks her and follows her lead (jealousy? attention getting?), so I occasionally have two screamers. I know that once AK has a better handle on her communication skills she will use words instead of sounds, but it really sucks and is horribly embarrassing in public. And hopefully LP will knock it off.

LP is incredibly verbal and talks up a blue streak about all sorts of things to just about anyone that will listen. One of her latest features is baby talk. I know it seems silly to say that a three-year old has regular talk and baby talk, but LP does. She usually speaks very clearly and uses good size words and sentences. When I call her on talking like a baby she insists that it is because she has something in her mouth. This kid is a piece of work and I have a feeling that as soon as her sister catches up they two of them will leave me dizzy most of the time.


nallman said...

WA has been talking some baby talk recently too (along with a momentary (please god) lapse in potty training). Delayed younger sibling reaction? I'm thinking now that IA is more of a little person, WA might be more jealous/attention seeking.

nallman said...

Oh, and P.S. make that "all three of us"! I love reading your blog, even the more mundane stuff!