Monday, November 23, 2009

Polite Conversation

This morning I was responsible for getting the girls ready and off to school. I know it is always a struggle for the Hoos to wrangle them and get them out the door. It took me forever today, so I do sympathize.

After LP FINALLY finished her bagel at about 8:50, I managed to get both girls into the upstairs bathroom to brush their teeth and get LP to do her "morning pee" (have I mentioned that we have had NO accidents in the weeks since she decided to give up PullUps? Such a rockstar). AK immediately walked over to the toilet, picked up the potty ring and perched it on top of the toilet seat.

Well, LP doesn't use a potty ring, so I took this as a sign that Miss AK wanted a turn. Of course, LP insisted that she had to go first, "Because I have to go really, really bad!" So, while LP peed, AK brushed her teeth. Then AK had a turn. She sat there with a big smile and LP and I listened closely for the tell-tale "tinkle tinkle."

We weren't disappointed.

We clapped, we cheered, LP called out, "We have to call and tell Daddy!" I let her know we would call the Hoos from the car on the way to school (once we finally got into the car).

I handed LP the cellphone as I drove the mile to day care. I wasn't sure if the Hoos had made it into the office yet, so I kept asking her if it was still ringing or if she had reached his voicemail, when all of a sudden she started talking, "My little sister peed on the potty."

Apparently LP had gotten the Hoos' new secretary on the phone. Quite the introduction. Fortunately, Pat is a grandmother, so she found the whole thing funny, at least once she understood who was calling and for what.

When the Hoos arrived to the office he received a hand-written note: [LP] called re: [AK] peed on the potty.


Wenderina said...

priceless! as usual. I love that the secretary gave him a note...and knowing the kind of work he does, I'm sure it is available in file triplicate for backup purposes.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! Priceless!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was me - DS

nallman said...

I hope that note makes it to some kind of album or keepsake box for LP, that is pure gold. The Hoos must have had a good laugh when he got to the office:).

Another entertaining story courtesy of LP!