Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

Last week while watching a nature show about baby animals, LP cried out, "Mom! Look! That baby zebra is coming out of the mom's tushy! That's disgusting! Isn't that disgusting?"

At which point I left the room.

I sought out the Hoos to inquire if he thought I should set her straight. He did and I did.

Flash forward to last night as we drove home from the day care center. "Mom? Want to play a game? I am going to say a letter and then you name an animal that starts with that letter that has a baby that comes out its vagina."

I started to pray, "Please let this game be over before we pull up to the drive through window at the dry cleaner."

"E," she called out. "Elephant," I responded.



"MOMMY! We are naming animals that come out of their mommy's vagina! That's not right!" This kid remembers EVERYTHING. Hopefully she remembers that it is not polite to talk about these things in school.

In addition, I have decided that since I taught her how mammals get out of their mother's belly, the Hoos can be responsible for telling her how they get in. Sounds fair, right?

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nallman said...

Ha! I read this on my BB on the way home from TB and was laughing hysterically at a red light. I DEFINITELY think the Hoos should up for explaining how it all begins! Too funny AB.