Friday, January 16, 2009

The Longest Day Ever

Actually, it all started yesterday at 4:15 when day care called to tell me to pick up LP -they thought she had pink eye.

I secured a 5:15 doctor's appointment and high-tailed in out of work. Sure enough, LP's eye looked gross - lovely green discharge. The Hoos says she didn't have it when he dropped her off (he wouldn't have left her) and I find it hard to believe no one noticed until 4:15. But I digress.

AK, LP and I get to the doctor at 5:10. They call us in at 5:50. The PA sees us at 6:15 (both girls were grumpy at this point and AK was starving, plus she hadn't had an afternoon nap - sweetness!) and is done with us by 6:17.

We finally get everyone to bed around 9 - after much screaming by LP about how much she hates the eye drops, "it stings! it stings!"

AK was up at 12:30. I tried to barely feed her and get her to go back to sleep. That didn't work. I was totally zonked. Fortunately, the Hoos goes and gets her and somehow manages to get her to sleep by 1:30.

And then LP calls for water. And tissues.

I think at 4 I got up and fed AK again. This time fortunately she went right back to sleep.

Everyone was up around 8. My day has been a whirlwind of Lysol, toy cleaning, hand washing, temperature taking and other like fun. So far AK has taken one 45 minute nap and LP denies needing one. Mommy needs one.

Good news is that tonight I have mom date night. The Hoos is on his own with the girls for bedtime. Hopefully I won't fall asleep at the table with the other moms. That would be embarrassing...but understandable, no?

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Tiffany said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day. Having sick kids is the worst. I really enjoyed being with the family in New Jersey but with Lily sleeping in our bedroom and then getting sick I was more than ready to go home and get back into our normal routine.

I hope LP gets better soon - maybe you can bribe her to take the eye drops.