Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Not Cool

Sunday I woke up with a rash running all the way up my arms from my wrists to my neck. It itches like a mother and the more I scratch the worse it gets. The doctor thinks it is hormonal since the last time this happened was about 24 hours after having LP. Total awesomeness.

Last night AK decided that sleeping from 8:30pm-12:30am was enough. She was awake until 2. She even refused to fall asleep in bed with the Hoos and me, instead she just craned her neck, kicked my belly, and tried to tear my nose off. It doesn't make much sense since she didn't have an afternoon nap and ate a nice big dinner of finger foods. We tried all of the usual remedies - from Orajel to Mylicone to letting her cry it out. At one point we tried to put her down in her crib and she screamed so loud and for so long I swear I heard sirens from the CPS truck (kidding!).

LP is also getting smarter by the second. One of her tricks to staying up a little longer is calling out from her room that she has to go potty. She will then sit on the pot for 15 minutes and try to talk and hang out. Last night as I carried her back into bed after spending some quality time in the bathroom, she told me not to lay next to her in bed (like I was going to anyway, it was 9:30 - she was supposed to be SLEEPING). She then moved her dolls away and said, "Okay, now there is room."

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