Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last night AK started playing a new game. As far as I can tell the main objective is to rip my nipples off. I guess when she is done eating she figures it would be a good time to latch onto my boob with her hard little gums and pull back hard and fast. As I cringe and try to pull her toward me she laughs hysterically as if this is the best game ever as opposed to an incredibly cruel and painful way to beat mommy down.

For the last few nights she has only been waking up once so I figure she has moved on from sleep deprivation to this new form of torture. After surviving these attacks a few times in a row last night I finally giving up on trying to feed her. Fortunately when I fed her at 2 she just ate and went back to sleep. Same thing with when I fed her before leaving for work. Which is good, because I had already started contemplating giving up nursing.

As the Dude said, this will not abide. Not for long at least.


3XMom said...

ooh you poor thing! Hopefully it is a fast-passing phase.

KiKi said...