Thursday, January 8, 2009

So Predictable

My life has become predictable. No, I can't tell you exactly what LP will say (recently it will likely involve her trying out a new curse word) or AK will do at any given moment (likely try to get to a piece of paper that she can tear apart and eat), but I can, with some degree of accuracy, fill in the basic outlines.

For instance:
  1. On the days I am in the office I pump around 9, 12, and 3 and I know that I will produce 5, 3, and 4 ounces respectively. This is amazingly awesome - with LP there was no rhyme or reason to my production. Let's hope it keeps up until I am ready for it to not keep up.
  2. AK requires solids at 9, 12, and 6. If you try to feed her before any of these times she will refuse to eat. If she goes for too long after she will freak out and remind you of her needs.
  3. At 8pm AK needs to be in the bath. If she is not in the bath and therefore moving closer to going to bed, she will once again remind you of your duty.
  4. LP will insist on drinking from the water fountain before exiting the building when I pick her up from school.
  5. She will also request - every day - that we go to Stew's before heading home. Some days this is feasible (I am early, she drinks really quickly) and on other days it is not (it is raining, it is snowing, it is perilously close to AK's 6pm feeding).
  6. LP will likely want pasta for dinner, require a trip to the potty when mommy and daddy are eating, and ask for "another song" at least three times before finally going to sleep.

I can also assure you that I will be tired. Every day.


Anonymous said...

Talk about things to set your watch by! My oh, my, I'm tired just reading that. God bless you, Mama!

Tiffany said...

AK is very regular - at least you know what to expect. good job on still nursing and pumping that is wonderful!