Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Woman

Last night, despite all of the ladies in our house having colds, I had a great night of sleep. Definitely in the top three of the last 7.5 months. AK slept until 4am and then until 8!! I still have a cold, but I definitely feel that my immunity is boosted by me being a bit less exhausted than usual.

This weekend also had some other highlights:

  1. My new washer and dryer were delivered! I never thought I would be one of those people that was excited by new appliances, but I also never thought I would never be one of those people that had mountains of laundry that seem to procreate. My new Kenmore 800s are cavernous, efficient, and way younger than the 23 year old washer and 18 year old dryer we got rid of. Woo-hoo!
  2. We sold my Escape! In 2001 I bought my first new car, a red Ford Escape, nicknamed "My Pretty Baby". She replaced a 91 Buick Regal my grandparents gave to me as a graduation gift. I loved My Pretty Baby. She was pretty, new, fit my personality...but in October 08 we needed more interior space (two car seats will for that to you) and I was jonesing for a fresh ride that wasn't going to be needing serious replacement parts in the coming years. Enter My Trusty Steed, my new CRV. I felt guilty when we couldn't sell the Escape and she hung around way longer than anticipated. I was thrilled when she was finally snapped up this weekend. YAY!!! We are back to being a two (Honda) car family.
  3. My blog hit its second birthday! Leave me a comment with some good karma that hit you recently and you are eligible to win some of the cool prizes I have accrued since starting this blog:
  • Carmen Electra Strip Tease Work-out DVDs (unopened - shocking, I know),
  • Margarita Mama: Mocktails for Moms-to-Be. A book of cocktail recipes for those that can't partake in alcohol
  • daysago digital day counters. When you want to know how long something really has been in your fridge.
Here's hoping this is just the start of an awesome week!


Anonymous said...

Good Karma from my end...
1) I only had to cook 1 meal this weekend (Sunday Breakfast)

2) My in-laws took the kids last night and we had a night and a morning to ourselves! What a luxury to only have to get yourself ready in the AM

3) RJS skated with only his hockey stick this weekend!!

4) Having a group of moms to go out with on a Friday night.


Lori said...

Do you mean good things that have happened to me, or good things that have come as a result of something good I did? I have had a lot of good things happen lately, but I'm not sure how I can attribute it to karma. In any case, happy blog birthday!!!

Tiffany said...

I usually comment all of the time but I don't need the things you are giving away. First - Carmen Electra Strip tease will probablly sit in my house unopened as well, Second - Mocktails - I am not pregnant and we are very happy with 2 and not planning on having anymore soon (thank you Mirena) so I will take my with the alchol (especially after a hard day with Lily), 3 - counter - if it smells bad or had mold on it toss it!!