Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Tell the Truth

Monday on the way home from school, I had an interesting conversation with LP.

Me: "What did you do at school today?"

LP: "I pushed Jacob."

Me: "That isn't nice, why would you do that?"

LP: "I wasn't very nice to my friends today and I had to sit in the chair."

After explaining to LP that it is not nice to push or hit our friends and telling her not to do it again, I let it go. At some point later in the evening she recounts the day's events to the Hoos and then asks him to tell her about his day (very cute).

While I didn't get an incident report from the teachers, I have no reason not to believe LP. I mean what kid would lie about being mean to a friend. I also figure that the teachers handle minor (at least I hope this is considered minor) transgressions like this every day and it doesn't necessarily warrant an official report.

Tuesday I email Jacob's mother to see if the poor kid is emotionally (or, I guess, physically) scarred. She tells me she knows nothing about it, Jacob never mentioned it.

Later in the day I get a call from LP's teachers to let me know that the aforementioned incident never happened. Jacob's mom asked about it (she picks up earlier than I do) and was greeted with blank stares. I think the teachers were worried that I was upset with them for not telling me about the incident and were calling to assure me that if something did happen I would know about it. She also wanted to let me know that if I had a problem I should contact the teachers directly.


This turned it into a big deal with the teachers being annoyed with me. I wasn't upset. I actually thought it was kind of funny that 1. LP was so open about it (or so I thought) and 2. that she has this other life that I know nothing about (beyond what she tells me and her daily sheet, which isn't really helpful - "LP enjoyed painting today. She also enjoyed gym. LP enjoyed circle time with Miss Keica. LP enjoyed playdough.").


Anonymous said...

Oh, the inventions of their minds! So sweet! Your baby is a-growin. Oh... and screw the daycare ladies. They need to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I didn't mean to make it into anything! I was just curious... (as you were) Jacob doesn't tell me as much as LP tells you. I guess some parents are so overly sensitive about everything that they need to cover their a****!


Wenderina said...

Imagination is a mighty powerful thing. Maybe she is trying to determine the difference between what she WANTED to do and what she did. And I agree with mommykelly...screwe the daycare ladies.