Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He's Going to Kill Me

I don't usually write about the Hoos, but this post is really more about me than him.

For anyone that knows me and the Hoos personally, this isn't going to come as much of a shock - the Hoos is a slim guy. He comes from slim stock - his parents both have slight builds and good metabolisms. Many people aren't so lucky.

Recently some folks have commented to the Hoos about his weight. When he tells me and checks to see if I notice him looking different, my immediate reaction is to be defensive, "You tell them I feed you, don't you?!" Horribly, my concern is more that people will think I am a bad wife and don't take care of him.

I swear I cook dinner five or six nights a week. And lately we always have some sort of baked good in the house that LP and I whip up. Okay, maybe some nights we only have a starch. Or, like last night, I only make soup (homemade vegetable) and cheesy bread to accompany leftovers (lemon chicken from Sunday and baked ziti from Saturday) which likely isn't as filling. Okay, and we eat a lot of chicken, turkey and fish because I don't eat red meat (although I do buy the Hoos and LP steak a couple of times a month)...

You know you have mental problems when you start thinking of ways to make meals more fattening. Not that I would do it because the only one that would gain weight is me!

Speaking of eating - AK is on finger foods. She loves Cheerios and last night downed the pastina I mixed in with her mooshed up veggies!

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