Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Diagnosis This

I hate going to the doctor. Actually, the only time I like going to the doctor is when I am pregnant because it means I am tracking the progress of the little person growing in my abdomen.

Regardless, yesterday before my class I spent about an hour trying to identify a new primary care physician (PCP). I don't know about you, but the only doctor I go to annually is my OBGYN. If I need to see another doctor I just try to identify the one closest to my house that takes my insurance. And I haven't been to the doctor since we lived in White Plains, NY - about 4 years ago. The Hoos has been going to the same doctor his entire life, which has its own problems because the good doctor is getting set to retire.

This time around I decided it might be good to start establishing a relationship with a doctor. We own our house and probably won't be moving too far any time soon. One of my colleagues lives close to me and had some ideas. Unfortunately, one practice she offered was not accepting new patients and the other one did not accept our insurance. Another friend I was going to hit up for a referral just posted a blog entry about a horrible doctor's experience...so I am guessing she won't have a recommendation...

I ended up going to a step slightly above a "doctor in a box" e.g., a walk-in clinic. The doctor was nice enough, but I was the youngest person by about 40 years and there were lots of signs about controlling your diabetes. Oh, and the hole in the wall in the examination room? A little disconcerting, but at least I didn't have to take my clothes off.

The end result is that I still need a PCP and that I have...a post-nasal drip. No bronchitis, no sinus infection, just an annoying cough caused snot leaking down my throat. At least now my parents and the Hoos will stop bugging me to get checked out.


Anonymous said...

Wellllllllllllll it certainly took long enough for you to go and get it checked out!!!! But I am glad it's nothing major!

Wenderina said...

Really??? A hole in the wall of the exam room? Is that for peeping? from an angry patient?

That would have had me running for the hills. I love my DOC but he's way far away from you, so no recommendations from me.