Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Poopy Pants

For some reason LP hates getting her diaper changed. Especially when she has a special delivery. No kid ever likes to sit still, but you would think that getting rid of the little mound under your tush and have a dry diaper would be worth waiting patiently for two minutes. But, no. She twists and squirms and screams and basically makes our lives miserable while we are trying to remove the offending nappy. And let's not even talk about the process of getting a new diaper on.

We have tried bribing her with food. From offering a mishy (marshmallow, a treat usually only reserved for using the potty) after we are done, to giving her food while going through the changing motion.

We have tried bribing her with non-edible treats. "After this you can sit on the potty for as long as you want and Mommy will read you 5 books."

We have tried reasoning. "If you just stay still this will go much quicker and then we can go back to having fun."

Today the Hoos even had her promise that if he changed her downstairs, instead of in her bedroom, she would be good. I guess a baby promise is worth less than a pinky swear...not that she even knows what a "promise" is...

We have had to resort to restraining her as best as possible (while simultaneously trying to change the diaper and avoid getting covered in poop). I hate this. The Hoos hates this. It makes us feel mean and bad and just plain awful. We have no idea how they get her to comply at day care. It isn't every time, but it is at least once a day.

I know, I know she is only 20 months old and if this is as close as we come to a tantrum we should just deal. But it sucks. And we still have to change her...several times...daily.


Shar said...

Ugh, mine is only 8 months and it's everything I can do to keep him still. It takes two of us restraining him and getting him dressed is a nightmare.

So sorry and now I know it's not going to get better either...

Robyn said...

I feel for you. Bear is almost 18 months and it is a MAJOR battle with EVERY diaper change. I've tried different locations, different distractions, nothing seems to help. My Dr. Brazleton book says it's a control issue (the tots want to be in control and lose their little minds when they're not).

It's nice to know I'm not the only one going through this. Oh, and Bear IS good at his daycare (I've asked), so I have NO idea what that's all about!

DaisyJo_Mom said...

We have the same problem with LD - and she is incredible feisty as you well know. In fact, we was so terrible last week when she had a raging diaper rash that every change required both of us. In fact Mr. O needed help too as school. JT even teased him and said "A big guy like you can't even change an 18 month old's diaper!!" hahah

PS - No this is nothing like the tantrum phase - sorry to break it to you. At least in my experience, maybe LP will be different!

KiKi said...

With Zeze we did really stupid things like wearing rabbit ears or a diaper on our head. We also had a Barney mask that did the trick. We'd make a lot of noise and act really ridiculous. Her favorite was when we'd tie something around our nose and mouth and exclaim loudly, "PEE-YEW!!" It would keep her distracted and cracking up.

(It also helped that we both learned to change a diaper within thirty seconds.)