Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day Care Issue #383: Turn Over

We found out on Tuesday that LP's beloved "Obis" (Mr. Otis) will be leaving her day care center effective this Friday. Mr. Otis had hinted that he was leaving last week to move to California, but laughed it off as a joke to me and another mom. Turns out, he is moving, but to North Carolina.

Needless to say, we are devastated. LP loves Mr. Otis. When we sing a song that she learned in school she yells out "Obis! Obis!" as if he owns the ABC or Bumblebee songs. I am guessing that they won't be explaining to the toddlers in LP's classroom that Mr. Otis is leaving and the onus will be on us parents to let them know. Not that LP will understand...until she shows up next week and he doesn't.

Turn over is a common occurrence at every day care center. As I have pointed out before, these folks aren't well compensated for their work. And they do have a hard job. I complain about changing one kid's poopie diapers, can you imagine a whole room full of them?

As Bun's arrival draws every closer (13.5 weeks to go!), the Hoos and I discuss our child care options. We don't like the fact that the teachers are ever-changing at LP's school and it seems that her classroom has been hit particularly hard by illness these past few months, but we keep going back to the reasons we opted to put LP in day care in the first place. I don't think it would be different at any other facility, and to be honest, looking for day care centers is painful, draining, and really, aren't we all more comfortable with the devil we know?

What is a posting about LP's day care if I can't make catty remarks? In addition to Tuesday's letter from Mr. Otis, yesterday we received a memo from the director of the center. Some of the highlights of the letter included:
  • "As you may well know we are loosing Mr. Otis" - this makes it sound as if he is being released from the zoo or something.
  • "We are excepting applications for this position" - Does this mean they aren't hiring? Or are they putting any resumes they receive in an exception pile or something.
I guess you can add illiterate director to the list of day care issues...even though I am guessing it is on there at least 5 other times.


A's Mom said...

That's really sad if the director can't even decipher between accept and except.

Wenderina said...

I think you should collect all of these gems and give it to the director when all your kids have completed their day care cycle with the correction marks written in, a dictionary, a grammar book, and a display poster about the importance of educating our young.

But ONLY after you leave the daycare.

Stephanie said...

While I am truly appalled at the spelling and grammatical errors you mentioned here, I am MORE appalled by far at those very same kinds of errors that come home from elementary school and middle school teachers. Agh. And they're teaching the future? Help!

I am sad for LP that she's losing her "Obis", though. It's always tough. I think you're doing a fantastic job of juggling lots of responsibilities.