Friday, February 15, 2008

Chocolate=LP's Valentine

When I was growing up, my Daddy was always my Valentine. I remember getting a little heart ring from him one year and another year I believe I received a wind-up alligator that played "My Funny Valentine". While Daddy was my Valentine, my grandfather, Poppy, was my secret admirer. For as long as I can remember I would get a small flower basket delivered on Valentine's Day from giver unknown. More likely my grandmother ordered the flowers and did all the work, but when I discovered in my tweener years who was behind the flowers, it didn't make sense to me that my Valentine would be a girl.

Now that LP is a lovely little toddler, it is her turn to have Valentines. The Hoos picked a card up from the two of us for her (even though we forgot to actually give it to her on February 14th...oops), and she got cards in the mail from both sets of grandparents and her great-grandparents. And Will, a boy in her class, gave her a card with a cat on it. Talk about being loved!

And, despite feeling all of this love, at 21 months she is pretty much oblivious to the fake holiday. At least that was until we made Daddy brownies. Now I think Valentine's Day might be her favorite day going forward.


KiKi said...

My dad used to do the same for us. We knew nothing about the "fake" holiday.

Really, it's all about the chocolate. Yum.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, it IS all about the chocolate. What a cutie! I hope you're hanging onto all of these pics for blackmail purposes when she's in High School... :)