Monday, February 11, 2008

And Yet...My Arse Grows

Today is another Monday that we sent LP to day care. Once again, being alone in the house makes me highly productive. Especially, I think, my fat cells. Despite the fact that I am going to the doctor today and getting weighed I still felt the need to enjoy mucho mucho carbs, because, well, I could.

Wouldn't it be nice if Mommy junk eating and calorie burning was measured in errands?
Strawberry frosted donut-10 since consumed while shopping
Onion roll with lunch-10 from packing, carrying and dropping off clothes to Goodwill an hour before
Rolls at Bertuccis (Sunday lunch)-10 because sat next to and monitored LP during meal
3 hard pretzels as after-dinner snack-2, had to clean up crumbs from both me and LP when done
Snapple iced tea2, burned most while chasing after LP in furniture stores


Tiffany said...

Your pregnant don't worry about those calories. You can worry about the calories and getting the weight off after the baby comes!

A's Mom said...

Can that apply after we have the baby??

KiKi said...

What, no cookies?? Dang, even when you're bad you're good.