Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Just because I have a blog doesn't mean I am technically savvy. I have no idea how to download a ring tone to my cell phone (although the wireless companies are getting smart and only giving you cruddy ring tones with your phone, so I might have to figure this out soon); I have only downloaded maybe two songs off the Internet; and I still refuse to watch my favorite TV shows or movies on my computer instead of my television. Although if I miss a show, I will read a recap on televisionwithoutpity or the appropriate web site.

Anyway, my ban on Internet television is starting to lift. But only for web-only shows that are short and sweet - AND FUNNY. I don't have time to waste on crappy television (hello, American Idol, are your ears burning?). I just came across this new web series called "In the Motherhood" which gives short vignettes on the real life of mommies, as played by gorgeous actresses...

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A's Mom said...

Okay, that is too funny! I am so watching all of their web-episodes!