Monday, February 4, 2008

Mishigas and Mushrooms

Before I get started, the title:
Mishigas: Yiddish for craziness
Mushrooms: You know, the employees that you keep in the dark and feed lots of sh*t to. Not sure if I am the mushroom or if I work with a lot of them.

On to the show:

Apparently this is my 301st post. I wish it was about something more exciting, really. Let's pretend it is all about the awesome SuperBowl last night. Go Giants!

Anyway, right now I am relaxing on my couch thinking about how I have overdone it today and my groin hurts. I believe this is due to my cartilege stretching and whatnot due to hormones.

I don't remember my groin hurting so much when I was pregnant with LP, but I am sure it must have. I probably don't remember because when it hurt I could sit still. This morning instead of sitting still I sat on the side of the bathtub reading books for at least 40 minutes while reading to LP. Once again, she didn't pee, but she sure looked cute jumping up and running away from me with her little tush waving in the wind every 5 minutes to get more books.

Before spending the whole morning watching LP on the potty, I received a phone call from the General Counsel of my firm. He know I work from home partly on Mondays and Fridays and called at 9:11 to see if I had received a call at the office about "one of our boats sinking." Umm...okay. That doesn't really sound like the typical media call I receive.He asks me to check as he will be waiting for me to call him back. Checking my messages it turns out that at 9:07 I did get a message from a marina asking me to call because something happened to one of our boats.

I know, this sounds like a lame story, but really it is giving me an opportunity to complain about people.

  1. The receptionist/switchboard operator at my office. I work in the headquarters of our firm, in total there are 1700 people employed at over 60 offices. Any time she receives a phone call and doesn't know who to route it to, she attempts to send it to me. You know, because I handle PR and media calls. In the spirit of being nice, let's pretend that she thought "The Elizabeth Marina" was a newspaper.
  2. Yes, I check my voice and email when I am working from home. I check email much more frequently actually, and I still don't check it every five minutes. Cripes! And how did the GC even know I had received this call? Is he monitoring me?!
  3. Whomever is the actual contact for the marina. Hello - do you not have your contact information updated with the people that work there? Why the heck are they calling the main number at our office?!

Unrelated, but the Hoos just called from the doctor's office. He has bronchitis and pink eye (wonder how he got that?). Please send positive health points my way, I am so not interested in getting sick.


KiKi said...
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KiKi said...
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KiKi said...

OK, this thing is acting crazy. What I was trying to say was hugs to the Hoos to feel better and to not get you sick; kisses and a wink wink to LP for being so adorable and knowing how to keep mommy doing her bidding (aren't they amazing like that?).

As for the mushrooms, here's something for them too.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some positive health tips for you. I also have pink eye and an upper respiratory infection. I guess it is time the parents to share in the "fun" of pink eye!! So not only do I feel like s**t, but I have to wear my glasses for the next 7 days and they give me a headache (at least they make me look smarter!) Anyway - I might actually start my blog today, because I just must publicly complain about my experience at the Dr's office. Would you mind sending an email on how I can get started? - Tell the hoos I hope he feels better and I know his pain!! - Dianna