Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Insult to Injury

I just returned from picking up lunch from a cafeteria in another building in my office park. The Injury: I hadn't planned on buying lunch, but since someone had thrown out my Trader Joe's pad thai from the office freezer (it was a frozen meal! it wasn't going to go bad and stink up the joint!), I had no choice.

The Insult: As I ascended the stairs after returning, a colleague walking behind me shouted, "Amy, I am glad to see you are taking the stairs!".

WTF! Do I look that huge? I am pregnant.

She then went on to explain, "Your pelvic floor will thank you." Double WTF! Is my pelvic floor any of your business?


DaisyJo_Mom said...

Honestly - people are just plain rude! I don't know what it is when you are pregnant, but people really feel the need to comment. I hope you at least enjoyed your lunch.

Robyn said...

You have me laughing at my desk with that one! There is something about being pregnant that makes other people (usually women) feel like they can say the MOST inappropriate things to you! After being pregnant, I vowed to NEVER discuss pregnancy illnesses, labor pains, or anything even SLIGHTLY unpleasant with another pregnant woman. She'll learn soon enough on her own...!

KiKi said...

Works like a charm.