Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Good Dresser is Hard to Find

The Hoos and I spent the weekend furniture shopping. Our bedroom furniture is a random assortment of mismatched IKEA and hand-me-downs. However, we are not looking to get ourselves new furniture, rather we are hoping to get LP a new dresser so we can turn the one we have over to Bun.

When we sought out furniture before LP was born we went to all the baby stores. Mostly because we needed a crib. Of course we got sucked in to the whole "Oooohhhh! We're having our first baby" excitement and ended up buying a dresser from a baby store (and a glider...but that came in handy...and I did resist getting the glider footrest, thank goodness!). We paid too much for what we got and LP's clothing has pretty much already outgrown the dresser we purchased for her.

Lesson learned, we are shopping in grown-up furniture stores this time around. You would think that with the pretty constant need for furniture there would be a plethora of options. You would think wrong. It seems the manufacturers are not the best at market research or understanding consumer needs. The sizes are all wrong, the styles are usually way-over-the-top ornate or hold overs from the 70s, and the construction...let's just say that I will be pregnant longer than some of these babies will hold together.

Who wants drawers that are only 4 inches deep? Are those for people that only wear skin tight clothing or skimpy lingerie? Because seriously, two folded sweaters stacked on top of each other are more than four inches tall. Couple this with the fact that a lot of the drawers are only 13 inches deep. I am short and my pants need to be triple folded to fit. Which then pushes them closer to the four inch max height limit.

LP will be two when we give her the new furniture, I don't think black laquer is really her style. And the marble topped dressers...maybe if she planned on cooking in her bedroom. Fortunately we found a couple of things that we like. We like them so much that we would rather put them in our bedroom. They aren't cheap, but the sales folks claim that they should last so long that LP can "take them with her when she gets married." So I figure that LP's future husband will buy her some new stuff and the Hoos and I will finally have the furniture we deserve. Twenty five years isn't too long to wait.


A's Mom said...

Sometimes it almost seems more worth it to build one yourself. We shopped for shelves and found the exact same problem. Seriously? Who has $125 just for a bookshelf??

KiKi said...

Hmmm, I woulda thunk Ikea would have something for you. Drat.

Since you've admitted to sitting around all day with nothing to do - why not build your own? ;P

Wenderina said...

There's always those north carolina direct sources as well.