Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lucky Me

LP has decided (or at least it appears that she has made a conscious decision) to not poop when Daddy is around.

Friday, as we trekked up and spent our first day in the Green Mountain State, LP did not dirty a diaper. Coincidentally, we spent the entire day together a family. The Hoos started to get worried and even considered purchasing some prune juice. There was no need. On Saturday, as soon as he went out in a row boat with his brother, LP decided the time was right to poop. The Hoos spent an hour and a half out on the water and I got to change two nasty stinkers.

Later that evening I brought LP into the tent to coax her into sleep. Just as she was finally getting relaxed and laying down, an unpleasant odor filled the tent. Again, I am the only one around and therefore have to change her. Of course, I yell for the Hoos to come and take the offending diaper away, but this is after the diaper has been removed and the bottom sanitized.

Sunday was the same story. We spent the day in the car together driving home. Nothing. As soon as we get home, and the Hoos is occupied outside, LP relieves her bowels. TWICE.

I am not sure how I won the poop derby. It is not as if the Hoos does a bad job of changing LP's diapers. In fact, he is probably more gentle than I am when trying to hold her still while exchanging the dirty diaper for a clean one. Since tomorrow is a holiday and we will all be home I am going to test my theory. And I am going to make sure the Hoos changes every diaper.

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Molly said...

Ugh, how I remember those stinky baby poops! Have a happy July 4th and I really hope that she does several for your hubby to change!!