Monday, July 9, 2007


I think I have been watching too much "The Next Food Network Star". Actually, I don't even really like any of the contestants left, so I am not sure why I watch. I think it is because I would love to have my own cooking show. I am not pining to be a reality TV star, but I love to cook, I like to 'fake it' (fancier chefs might use the word innovate, but I just make it up as I go along) with what I have on hand and make something new and interesting.

I am so far gone in my delusion that I have already mentally developed a pitch for my fabulous TV show. I am going to try out my pitch on this blog to get it out of my system. Just in case, consider it copywritten...

Title: From Scratch

Concept: Helping people new to the kitchen - newlyweds, new grads, new singles, new home, new to the suburbs with crappy take-out - get started stocking their pantry and developing some standards to fill their recipe box.

Standard Episode:
Scene 1. Meeting the soon-to-be gourmet. Discover what type of food they like and investigate their kitchen to discover what they already have on hand.
Scene 2. The grocery store. Introduce newbie to some staples. For example, if someone really likes Italian food, purchase onions, garlic, peppers, tomato sauce, pasta, olives, cheese, some key seasonings, etc. Not just items for one meal, but items to get them started creating exciting meals every day.
Scene 3. The gadget store. Again, help to stock the kitchen with some key items that they may not have. Keeping with our Italian theme, a col lander, a lasagna pan, a sharp knife.
Scene 4. Back in the kitchen. Put together a meal, with small tangents along the way of other ways to use the same ingredients.

I know, I am nuts and I have too much time on my hands. A girl can dream, right? Especially a girl that loves stability, is risk averse and way too bland to go on TV. Anyone want to play me in my television show?


Lori said...

About two months ago, I applied to be on this new show called Pantry Raid. Basically, they were looking for women who don't cook for whatever reason, and they would bring a famous chef into their kitchen and teach them how to cook using whatever basics they had lying around. I actually got a call back from the casting director, but the only times they wanted to see me were during my business hours, and I just couldn't swing it. I kept hoping they wouldn't find anyone else and so accommodate me, but so far, nothing has happened. :(

AmyBow said...

That sounds awesome. I would like it if someone showed up to randomly clean my house.

I am sure my idea is like a half dozen other shows all combined...oh well, back to the grind, right? remember the show where Gordon Elliot would just show up at people's homes and invite himself in to make a meal?

Anonymous said...

You may not believe me - but I also wanted to do this contest. My concept was going to be how to prepare a meal so that you could make another one out of it and also use pieces of your current meal to make breakfast or lunch the next day. I was going to call it "One Step Ahead". I too never went through with it. Maybe we could combine our ideas and go at it together?? - Dianna